Catalogues and Manuals

In our continuous effort to update and improve information, we have deemed appropriate to offer our website users the translated catalogues that we have. We also offer other catalogues which, though still not translated because they are more recent, provide interesting information and support for our activity.

We have decided to organize them by activities in order to find them quickly and easily, and we have implemented a system for them to be seen in a professional and comfortable way.

We have also deemed interesting to include a manual about electric fencing installation published by LUPA and which includes practical tips and means to detect flaws to help our visitors, whether they are customers or not, build a proper fence.


Catálogo Duralock de ValladosCatálogo Duralock de Vallados
Manual de Cercados Electrificados


Catálogo Corton de Boxes
Catálogo Corton de Boxes Original en InglésCatálogo Corton de Boxes Original en Inglés
Catálogo Scotts de boxes
Catálogo Scotts de boxes. Original en inglésCatálogo Scotts de boxes. Original en inglés
Catálogo Corton de Perreras
Catálogo de suelos para pistas Ecoraster
Catálogo de Riegos para Picaderos Bowe-Beregnun


Catálogo para Herradores Lupa
Catálogo de Saltos Beck&Heun 2021
Catálogo Floorcam-Ekico

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