Indoor Riding Schools

LUPA was the first company in Spain to use laminated timber beams to build indoor riding schools. They are quick and easy to install, allow for large open-plan spaces and are incredibly good-looking. In 1991, we designed and built the Centro Ecuestre Alameda del Pardo (in Fuencarral, Madrid), which is already 30 years old and is still fully functioning and where, in 2020, we replaced some of the stalls and built new ones.

Nowadays, laminated timber beam structures have a very competitive price and their appearance is very different to those built with concrete or metal, giving the facilities a much more appealing look and making them more welcoming and horse-friendly.

Picadero cubierto con viga de madera laminada

Obviously, this type of construction requires a project prepared by a technical expert and the corresponding building licenses. It is not a finished product with a fixed price, but if you are interested in receiving more information or if you want us to put you in touch with an expert, please,contact us.

We also offer two essential elements for indoor arenas: synthetic and thermoformed timber kick-walls and an above-ground watering system.

Picadero cubierto portátil con guardabotas y ventanales para observar desde el exteriorOn a different note, we sell portable indoor riding schools which are much less expensive and require less building licenses for their installation. These arenas consist of round roofs with a galvanized metal tube structure and a high-resistance (620 gr/m2) polyester tarpaulin coated in PVC.

The sides are closed by means of transparent reinforced tarpaulin, fixed with elastic straps to the metal pillars. Also included are a 15-mm-thick marine plywood kick-wall, laminated on both sides, with boards fixed by galvanized-metal frames, and a 4-metre-wide double-door which opens outwards. We can offer these indoor schools in two sizes: with a diameter of 16 m or 18 m; and three possible colours: green, brown and grey.

Círculo de trabajo cubierto y desmontableLast but not least, we offer roofed round pens with virtually no building works required and the following features: whole structure made of hot dip galvanized steel (snow load: 100 kg/m2). Lower walls made of 19-mm-thick marine plywood, upper walls made of high-resistance laminated tarpaulin (colours: white, cream or green) plus a door. As options or extras, we can install: a windbreaker net, a floor closing system and/or a customized colour for the roof.

Visit our Portable Indoor School section to find updated prices, although it is always best to ask for a custom-made estimate.

Picadero cubierto portátil con pista

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