Horsefloor Pavement

Rubber flooring made of a mixture of three different components that stick to the underlying concrete or timber floor forming a single body.

It is non-slip, waterproof, hygienic, resistant, and its finish without joints makes it ideal for operating rooms, inspection stands, wash areas, ramps, vans, trailers, kennels, shelters and animal facilities in general.

The natural colour of the product once mixed is anthracite grey. The recommended thickness for use with horses is of 18 mm; 15 mm for kennels. For a thickness of 18 mm, a 50-litre drum will cover 2.4 m²; for a 15-mm-thick floor, the same drum will cover about 3 m2. We supply this product only upon request.


Instalación del pavimento Horsefloor

  • Surface :smooth; it may be given a rougher finish for extra grip by means of special serrated rollers.
  • Lower side : inexistent, since it adheres to the underlying floor
  • Material : mixture of three components: grinded rubber, glue and binder
  • Thickness : 18 mm for horses and 15 mm for dogs

You can find the prices of Horsefloor pavement in the Store section of our website or you can ask for a no obligation estimate.

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