Trailer Ramp Map

Camión de doble puerta lateral con las planchas para rampas suministradas por Lupa IbéricaSpecial mat for trailer or van ramps. Made of 8-mm-thick, waterproof NR/SBR vulcanized rubber. Density: 1.25 g/cm3; Hardness: 65 Shore A. Colour: black. 2 mats are necessary to cover the whole ramp.


  • Surface :serrated with 20-mm-high rubber strips
  • Lower side : smooth, reinforced with fabric
  • Material : vulcanized rubber
  • Dimensions of mat: 240x120cm
  • Thickness : 8mm.
  • Unit weight : 13,5kg/m2.

You can find the prices of Trailer ramp mats in the Store section of our website or you can ask for a no obligation estimate.

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