Horse Walkers

A horse walker is a tool which allows you to work several horses at the same time under the supervision of a single person. Horses should not be left unwatched in the walker since they may get scared and try to escape, especially if they are not used to it. There should always be someone keeping an eye on them. This fact takes us to the first feature we must bear in mind when buying a horse walker: horses’ safety..

When selecting a horse walker for our yard, we should take several factors into consideration:

  • The space available: the bigger the circle, the less bent the horse will work.
  • The infrastructure required for its installation.
  • The different fencing and footingsolutions.
  • Roofing: total or partial.

The most common horse walkers are round, but we also offer oval-shaped walkers suspended from the roof, with a wide range of necessary complements such as fences, roofs, floors…

The round horse walkers LUPA sells are renowned for their ease of use and low installation cost, their resistance, safety and versatility. We offer a very wide range of walkers, with several diameters for the same amount of horses and different types of drift fences or pusher gates.

Barras electrificadas del caminador que logran el efecto deseadoThese horse walkers are built with a galvanized metal structure, low voltage electrified pushers and a control panel, with which we can control and/or program the speed, from walk to gallop, and changes of direction. It also incorporates an emergency stop button.

A series of highly interesting options can be added to all our horse walker models only for a small extra cost: a workout programming unit, which allows the user to program up to one hundred different workouts at will; a watering system, that is very useful when we use sand footings or rubber floors that are not conductors; an automatic greasing device, which will maintain the horse walker well lubricated for about a year without refilling; different models of pushers, depending on the type of animals with which we usually work and always with safety as a priority.

The horses’ safety is based on three essential features: all models have hanging/swinging pushers, the engine is placed far from the horses’ reach, and the fences we recommend are made of impact-absorbing materials.

We offer and install different types of footings for horse walkers. The main aim is to obtain an even footing that drains well and is safe for horses with no or next to no maintenance. We also have ECORASTER grilles for sand floors and rubber mats specific for horse walkers, which we can supply and install.

Caminador con cubierta

Total or partial roofs enable horses to exercise even when the weather is bad. The roof we offer covers a 5-metre width, ensuring an effective protection. Roofs are important when it rains, but even more so in very hot areas, where they are essential if we want to be able to use the horse walker in the middle of the day without harming the horses. There are several roof models available and they can be installed even if the horse walker is already in place.

Last but not least, we also offer a windbreaker net with which to cover the space between the top of the fence and the roof. It is very useful in windy places and for horses to concentrate and stop paying attention to their surroundings.

You can find the prices of the different models in our online store, in the Horse walker section

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